About the Film

Struggling with the loss of her child to Social Services, a single mother is trapped in the quicksand of her south Texas life. When her path collides with a young girl from Mexico, she begins a journey that will change her life – discovering that she is the architect of her own fate and learning what it is that truly defines home.

From the director of La Ciudad, the producer of Maria Full of Grace and the executive producers of Beasts of the Southern Wild comes the story of Ashley Colton, a ragged beauty in her twenties who has survived a series of minimum wage jobs, trying to prove that she is fit to be a mother to regain custody of her son.

When a visit from her father, a truck driver living in Mexico, brings Ashley to Nuevo Laredo, she discovers that he is smuggling immigrants across the border. Seeing a way out from her troubles, Ashley is lured into the role of a coyote.

Her plan goes awry and Ashley finds herself stranded with a young girl whose life is suddenly in her hands.

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