David Riker and Abbie Cornish Discuss “The Girl” in Democracy Now! Interview

The Girl Writer/Director David Riker and star Abbie Cornish were interviewed by Amy Goodman and Juan González Wednesday, March 6 on Democracy Now!

The video interview was published this morning on the Democracy Now! website, along with the following information:

The new film “The Girl” examines the issue of undocumented immigrants and human smuggling across the U.S.-Mexico border. Starring award-winning actress Abbie Cornish, “The Girl” tells the story of a young down-and-out Texas mother who loses her son to foster care and subsequently gets involved with trying to smuggle Mexicans into the United States. Her plan goes awry and she finds herself stranded with a young Mexican girl whose mother has gone missing in the attempted border crossing. The film traces her journey with the girl in search of her mother. We’re joined by the film’s director, David Riker, and its star, Abbie Cornish. “We’re putting faces, and we’re putting stories to something which we often look at as facts and figures,” Cornish says. “These are people that have left their children, their wives … They’ve left everything behind to try and build a better life for their families. They are human beings just the same as yourself or myself, it’s just they’ve been dealt different cards in life.” “The Girl” opens in New York City on Friday, International Women’s Day.

Amy Goodman will join David Riker in a Q&A Saturday March 9, following the 7:30pm show at Lincoln Center’s Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center. To purchase tickets, click here.


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